Friday, October 31, 2008

Nirvana's messiest pic yet!!! Lunch time today lol

A Friend of mine, that I met off TNN (Monica) and I have decided to do a bday swap each year for our bday and our daughters, Monica and I are a only a few days apart, and so is Nirvana and her DD2 Sarah. I got some gorgeous candles, hehe I have already burnt one of them several times.

And I got some gorgeous rainbow PUL minky, its soooo yummy!! Can't wait to sew up!! Oh and I also got a mini block of caramello choc, but can't add that pic.... one guess why lol.....

Thanks heaps Monica!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day 1 of walking plan

So went for a walk with Alisha and Tui today up at Totara park, and ended up doing 3 20min walks on my first one!! So was pretty happy with myself! Detox is going good, and Sonya (my cousin) is bringing over turbo jam on the weekend. I looked after her house for the week just gone and found it in the DVD collection, and love it!! It is such an awesome work out, and you can do it from home which is even better! So plan is to start doing my turbo jam every morning and my walks in the evening. So hopefully I will lose weight!! And hopefully it does wonders for my liver :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

My first ever blog post!!

Trying to figure out how to work this thing out hehe, I am sure I will eventually get it!

Had my 19th bday two days ago, Nirvana was looked after for the first time in ages!! Had a good night, got my palm read, which was quite freaky but surprisingly true! Had a nice relaxing facial yesterday by the lovely Stephen. So had a pretty good bday :)