Monday, November 17, 2008

Dyeing day

First I wound the wool around the chairs to put in the hank:

Then soaked in water and vinegar in the sink for 30 mins:
Then we drained the wool out, and put a splash of vinegar in each bowl of water, with a couple of drops of the colour we liked, mixed it all up with some hot water too, and then added the wool:
The colours we choose were lemon yellow and royal blue.

We then squeezed them out and made sure water was clear, then put into snaplock bag with a bit of vinegar and massaged it into wool a bit, and sealed it up and put in microwave for 2mins.

Then rinse under cold water, and hang over something to dry!
Will post some pics up once its all wound up


netta said...

wow I like your colour choice, what ya going to make with this?

Kirstyn said...

Gave it to MIL, think shes gonna make some cardys with it :)