Saturday, November 8, 2008

One week til MIL here

Well this week has been interesting.... A whole lot of stuff has happened :( But would rather not go into that, as this is my happy place!! Got Nirvanas Tutu today, (thank you Leah) it is gorgeous! Two shades of pink, and black, very punky! Perfect for Nirvana hehe. I am planning on dyeing some wool today, it is soaking as I type. Just trying to decide on colours, will post pic once I have finished.

Nirvana started walking two days ago, just randomly, was awesome! Now I can't stop her! She is so proud of herself, it is sooo scary though!! My babygirl is growing up!!!

Went to Arthurs Emporium today and Spotlight and my SS bits together, and have ordered all the other bits I need, so will be able to get onto making that and sending that away soon too!
Still waiting for my SYS, can't wait!! hehe.
Hope my person likes what I have given them, will have to post some pics of that afterwards, don't want to give it away just yet lol. Was my first ever dyeing project! So quite proud lol.

Vickie (MIL) will be up on Friday the 14th, having a potluck dinner/party for DP and my BFs birthdays. It is DPs 21st, so will be awesome! Will have to post pics on that too. Then the following weekend vana is one!!

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